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Vase Only (Standard version)

Vase Only (Standard version)

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The perfect vase to remember your loved ones.

Create your own design, write your own personal message, or have a photo professionally printed!

Perfect for kids and adults.

Can be used on graves or at home.

About this item
  • Sturdy and weather resistant, designed to hold a full length bunch of flowers, untrimmed.
  • Add your photos and messages to personalise the vase as often as you wish, to suit every occasion, using the specially designed template.
  • For use on graves, memorial gardens or memorial areas of your choosing.
  • A moveable memorial – can be repositioned whenever required, simply take the memorial vase with you.
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More About What You'll Get

Everything you need is in the box...

Included with the vase are assembly instructions, 2 free paper cut outs (which are reversible - you can use both sides) to get you started, adhesive to stick the vase down if required and also, 3 pegs for even more stability should you need to secure it to the ground.


Please leave between 3 - 5 business days for the vase to reach your door.

Want Your Own Design?

Don't like any of our templates? No worries, you can request your very own unique design!

Yes, I'd like to request my own design