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If you would like to sell our vases as a part of your memorial products or packages, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Whether you are a florist, a funeral director, or a garden store, we would be more than happy to hear from you. Below is some further reading on the vase, why you'd might like to partner with us, and the next steps:

What Is The Forget Me Not Vase?

The forget me not vase is a special vase that allows the owner to change its decoration whenever they like. The vase is designed to be kept at a grave - as an upgrade on the traditional grave vases, however it can alternatively be kept at home.

How the Vase Is Disrupting The Market

The Forget Me Not Vase was brought about to address and eliminate the pain points of a traditional grave flower holder. Little inconveniences and limitations such as excessive flower trimming, lack of personalisation, shallow depth, and the lack of mobility that come with traditional grave flower holders have all been eliminated with the Forget Me Not Vase.

Unique Selling Points

1. Personalisation
The owner can personalise their vase via our printing service or by drawing their own design.

2. Updateable
Most personalised memorial products cannot be updated. Our vase allows the owner the ability to change the design as often and as many times as they wish.

3. Children Involvement
The ability to draw your own design opens the door for children to actually leave something of their own at the grave.

4. Use anywhere
Not only is the vase mobile, but it can be applied in multiple locations including; grave flower holders, grave ceramic surfaces, grass, or any other hard surface.


The Forget Me Not Vase comes in two different versions; the standard, and ashes.

The ashes version is designed with an extra long cylinder to allow for space to keep the ashes of a loved one in.

Durability Testing

Our vases have been thoroughly tested in all weather conditions to ensure that they stand the test of time.

The vases have been tested below -20c and up to 45c, and we have over 2 years worth of test data.

Why Stock Our Vase?

1. More returning customers
The customisable nature of the vases mean that on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, memorial days, our owners are encouraged to update their vase with a new message or a fresh design. 

2. Easy to sell
With so many USPs, any time anyone enters your store to buy some flowers, a funeral package, or a headstone, the vase will always be a seamless upsell opportunity. 

3. Appeals to every demographic
There isn't a single person who will enter your store who doesn't know someone who has passed (be it a human or a pet), it is a product for everyone.

4. Get there early
As a valuable alternative to the traditional grave flower holders, stores that offer our vase to its customers will have that as an advantage ahead of their competitors.

Partner With Us

For more information on things such as pricing, logistics, order options, etc, please contact us.

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